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Find competitive prices on landscaping materials!

Landscape & Garden Materials

Find competitive prices on landscaping materials!

From our large product selection of landscape materials. We deliver large jobs of up to 15 yards large at a time.

Shop our sand, gravel, 1, 2, and 3-man rock, cobblestones, drain rock, crushed rock at 5/8″ minus and 2″. We offer free delivery in the local area for 12 yards of rock. Also, find Marysville sandy loam in stock.

Are you starting your gardening for the season? Access topsoil, garden mix, compost, fill, red and dark bark, potting soil, custom topsoil mixes, and worm-enhanced soil mixes. Get free delivery for topsoil and bark!


healthy soil is the foundation of any lanscape. It produces healthy crops that in turn nourish people. maintaining a healthy soil demands care and effort from farmers because farming conditions can change constantly.

Soil is a living, dynamic ecosystem. Healthy soil is teeming with microscopic organisms that perform many vital functions as well as nutrients to promotes healthy vegitation.

The best Prices for the most Complete Soil

Wess, of Topgrade Topsoil and Wess Roberts Construction has years of experience and can help make the right decision for you flower bed, garden, or any landscaping project!

Custom Garden Design & Install Available
By Appointment Only 


All products in our gallery come from our yard. 


Are you looking for a quick, inexpensive upgrade to your landscape that can be accomplished in a day? Consider laying down a layer of fresh bark on your flower beds and bare soil areas of your yard.

Bark is a light, easy to spread ground cover that enhances curb appeal and helps the soil retain water. But not all bark is cut the same, or colored the same. 

Have our experts give you the best experience

Wess, of Topgrade Topsoil and Wess Roberts Construction, is a licensed and bonded contractor and excavation, trucking, and site design expert. Wess is part of the A Team and provides his clients with creative design and personalized attention to provide high customer satisfaction.

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